My approach to fun, unobtrusive, story-telling photography

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Once you’ve figure out if I’m the right photographer for you, here is how it all works:

 Let’s chat

Before your wedding, I love to get to know you and ask a million questions. How you two met, what you had for lunch, who’s invited to the wedding, what the hell Brexit is all about, and all your important wedding details. I’m happy to meet you in person, for a coffee or a wine (or two) if you live in London or we chat on the phone or Skype, whatever works for you.  

 In the months to come we’ll also confirm times, go through your itinerary and all the logistics to make sure we have a solid photography plan and all goes smoothly on the day. 

 The big day 

I’m not just a wedding photographer, I’m your 5th bridesmaid, therapist, wedding planner, personal assistant and perfect guest rolled into one. I want your wedding day to be all about you and your loved ones enjoying the party you have thoughtfully planned, knowing worry free that I will be there to document it all and help you in any way I can. I like to arrive early and leave late. 

 For most of the day I keep it to my photojournalistic style always on the look out and in on the action. I take portraits, group shots and capture all the details but most of the time I just let you get on with it. 
Your couple photos won’t be an epic production, I keep them short and sweet. I tend to kidnap you for one or two mini 15/20 minutes sessions spread throughout the day, meaning more time for you to party! I find most couples benefit from a little guidance and advice, so I will suggest a few things that might help you relax and enjoy yourself. So all my portraits with you will be as un-posed as possible, and although you might feel a little anxious now at the prospect of having a camera in your face, you are going to be feeling pretty happy having just done the mighty deed, and you will be surprised at just how much fun we will have. 

 Getting the photographs

The first thing I do when I get home is back up all of your photos which I keep super safe until they are safely in your hands, and then... I sleep/pass out (post wedding recovery well earnt). While you float off to enjoy your newliweddingness (I make up words sometimes), I’ll get to work on your pictures. Often, I'll post a sneak peek along the way - via Instagram, Facebook or blog post. It can then take around 5 weeks for me to finalise your images, but I promise you it’ll be worth the wait. 

You’ll receive an invite to view your gallery, which allows you to easily download and print your favourite photos and share your wedding day online with your loved ones.  You can also order prints directly from the lab - easy peasy!

You’ll get to experience your wedding once again and discover anything you might have missed in glorious high-definition, whether that's aunty Betty throwing some serious shapes or dad trying to hold back the tears during your ceremony. So crack open a bottle, top up on snacks and enjoy reliving your big day.

I'm based in London, but it doesn't matter where you’re having your wedding or what your wedding is all about - what's important is my relaxed photography style is YOUR kinda style.  I offer wedding photography services in London, Oxford, Essex, Devon to name a few and the rest of the UK and beyond.

If you want to know more about me or the wedding photography process please just ask!